Cherelle Art 

Artist, Painter & Photographer


Unique Artist

The artist known as Cherelle Art, is a unique visual artist. Photography, drawing and painting are her passion. Her high school class voted her as "most creative". She started her college career as an Art Major before graduating 13 years later with several degrees in Accounting. She also studied the Business of Art at the Sotheby's Institute of Art.


During the day, Cherelle Art leads a very structured affair with the events of the day as a CPA and CFO, helping local businesses succeed, but the nights and weekends, are spent exploring the unstructured side of life with her painting.


Her message to the world is very simple, it is more  important to accumulate love and friendship than it is to accumulate money, and you can find that message everywhere in her art, in her studio, in her gallery and more importantly, in her heart.