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Alice in Underland by Cherelle Art

Alice in Underland - the Picture Story 

The story of Alice in Underland  begins on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico where a group of friends, Charles, Lewis, and all their children are all on the Royal Princess. Charles and Lewis both have 3 children each, one of which is the oldest, and her name is Alice. 

It is summer and it is a beautiful day for fishing the water is calm and the fish are plenty and Lewis is telling a story to the kids about a girl named Alice and a rabbit, in hopes to engage his oldest daughter....when somewhere in the storytelling Alice stops listening and is looking over the side of the boat, when she see something suddenly dart by under the water, she thinks it was either an octopus or a grouper, she is straining to see more of that golden purple color when she leans over just a little too far, and boom, she falls overboard and into the water!

Of Mermaids for Cherelle

Diving deep into the endless turquoise;

Your scales shimmer as golden light reflects below water

Your eyes collect memories of a life on land;

But now the picture blurs for all you feel is the expansive labyrinths, mystical magicians, and Cheshire catfish, and majestic queens.

Looking through the mirror glass of tide;

Your vision of a world of happiness and friendship, love and joy, art and community. 

Your vision mermaid blooms open like the oyster hiding pearls no longer. 

Shine on, shine on....

by Siggy 

And that is where Alice's adventures in Underland  begin from there. She will meet a variety of characters including some crazy ass fish, transform into a number of characters including a mermaid.

Alice's adventures in Underland include multiple chapters. Each chapter exploring some of the life lessons we all learn as adults with a little fun.